Cimatruck a web based transportation solution that manages private fleet and contracted carrier options. It helps trucking companies and freight forwarders satisfy the market challenges and opportunities by improving operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer service.

An all in one solution, Cimatruck integrates on a single platform the management, dispatch and maintenance areas. It streamlines transportation operative work flow from fleet planning; trip planning either it is a TL or an LTL trip, order fulfillment lifecycle, preventive and corrective maintenance, scheduling optimization to a complete detailed operational process control.

Cimatruck will help your company improve throughput, maximize revenue, reduce costs with an efficient and reliable fleet. Its adaptability allows you to have it without replacing existing investment infrastructure or making an up front investment.

Is Cimatruck Software as a Service the right choice?

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Fleet Management

Achieve end-to-end connectivity, from quotes to driver settlement, optimize your operational processes.

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Fleet Maintenance

Create a Preventive Maintenances program and keep control of all your work orders with Cimatruck.

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Software as a Service

Rather than buying a software license, a company can sign up to use the application hosted by someone else and lower the total cost of ownership.

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The use of Cimatruck has saved us $10M in operative costs during the last 3 years"

- Fernando Hernandez, IT Manager, FTR.

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